"You don't always have to think outside the square, sometimes you just have to soften the edges."

Ben Nicholson -
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Established by Director, Ben Nicholson in 2007, Groof provides a range of consulting services to transform new and existing buildings into thriving ecosystems.
With more than ten years' experience in Australia's green infrastructure sector, Groof brings an established network of industry leaders and ensures clients receive the highest level of service throughout the trajectory of every project. From initial scoping and preliminary design through to on-site construction and long-term maintenance, Groof sources and connects clients with the best people and products to ensure their projects thrive. Groof's green infrastructure consulting services range from providing one-to-one advice on a small balcony greening project to liaising with complex project teams on large commercial, government, institutional and residential developments.
As an experienced urban planner in public and private practice, and drawing on experience in his role as Coordinator, Green Infrastructure at the City of Melbourne, Ben brings a specialised understanding of Victoria's planning system to every green infrastructure project, including key considerations in the interaction between planning processes and ecological systems within the urban environment.
Originally from a farm in central-west NSW, Ben has been a passionate advocate for greener, more sustainable buildings and cities since his mid-teens. Following this passion, Ben moved to Melbourne in 2003 and graduated from RMIT University with an Honours degree in Urban Planning in 2006. He was a founding member and former Vice-President of Green Roofs Australasia (GRA), established in 2007 as the peak body for commercial players within Australia's emerging green infrastructure industry.
Ben was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2008 and traveled to twenty-two cities in North America, Europe and Asia to interview industry leaders, visit exemplary sites and gain further insight into best-practice design, construction and maintenance of green roofs, green walls, rooftop gardens and balconies. Ben has emerged as an industry leader in the provision of consulting services and continues to assist in the development of Australia's green infrastructure industry by organising and presenting at conferences, seminars and other industry events, providing interviews and writing for a range of print and online publications. He is an acclaimed presenter and trusted subject-matter expert.
Ben has also served on the executive of the Churchill Fellows Association Victoria as both Secretary and President and is a permanent member of the Public Service selection panel for the Victorian Regional Committee of the Churchill Trust.