Urban Reforestation, Melbourne Docklands


Groof provided strategic advice and business development services; liaised with key stakeholders including Lend Lease, VicUrban (Development Victoria), the City of Melbourne, Friends of Westgate Park and local residents and businesses; contributed to the formulation, programming and delivery of community workshops focused on sustainable apartment living, including balcony greening; assisted in the design and delivery of the first eco-market and community dinner held in the Docklands; and managed volunteers and the day-to-day operation of the Urban Reforestation eco-shop and community garden.

Green Wall Installation & Maintenance, Melbourne


Groof was subcontracted by one of Australia's leading green wall companies to assist with the installation and maintenance of ten green wall projects across Melbourne. The panelised green wall systems were constructed and maintained in both external and internal  building locations, constructed within commercial and residential settings and ranged in size from around 8sqm to the award winning 800sqm internal green wall over 18 stories at Origin Energy's head office at 121 Exhibition Street, Melbourne.  With a view to improving communications between Melbourne and Sydney green wall teams, Groof also liaised with project team members to develop and standardise maintenance reporting processes and documentation.

Passive House Retrofits, Melbourne and regional Victoria

In 2009, Groof was sub-contracted to assist with gathering data on temperature and air loss in over 20 residential projects for new-builds and retro-fits. The client was then presented with a range of options by the Passive House team to increase energy efficiency including sub-floor insulation, heat recovery ventilation systems and timber-framed double glazing. These materials were then added to the building fabric and further testing of temperature and air loss was undertaken to quantify the benefits post-construction. The results continue to exceed industry standards and requirements for energy efficiency of residential buildings.

Green Wall Research Project, Dalian, China

In 2011, Groof was hired by a property development firm to investigate options for the large-scale development of green wall products for the emerging Chinese market. Our clients were provided with a detailed presentation on the various types of green wall systems manufactured globally and an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. A panlised system was recommended and negotiations were commenced with the manufacturer for licensing of their product. Ultimately, our client decided not to proceed with the manufacture of this product, however the exposure of green wall technology via Chinese media increased public awareness and uptake of green walls in China.